About Compare That

Our family - owned company knows that everyone’s lives are busy, with no time to really sift through all the noise to purchase products that fit your life right now, well at Compare That we can quickly help you find the perfect product. And because we know that not everyone likes to do their research the same way, there are four research options to ensure your experience is personalized, never complicated, & always saving you time. You can even share with your family & friends or just save for later, it’s up to you. If you have a question, we would love to hear from you, just pick up the phone, email us, or message. If you want to purchase, just click Buy Now or More Info & you’re done. So, as our family always says, seize your day & Compare That!

4 Ways to Compare

If you are always in a hurry, never wanting to stop for just a second, & want your research in a flash, then you want a Quick Compare. We have chosen the most popular criteria for the product you are researching to give you the best results, quickly .
Are you the inquisitive one, but you like a little help to get the best results, well our Guided Compare can help you take that journey with a series of questions. Just think of us as a friendly Salesman leading you to the perfect product for your needs.
Do you like to sift through all the research, look at all your options, & really take the time to be as thorough as possible, then Custom Compare is for you! Just pick your attributes, rank them and we match you with the best to worst products.
Do you already know exactly what product you want to purchase or want to research, then Just The Facts is perfect for you.

Our Algorithm & How it Works

Yes , we love math, stats, even algorithms. At Compare - That, we use statistically - based algorithms to compare the products you need, giving you a ranked listing based on the criteria that best fits you so that you can purchase .

There are three simple steps in the process :


You choose the attributes you are interested in. Price, Warranty, Speed, Miles Per Gallon, Size, Weight, Calories...whatever features of the product you are interested in.

High ( ) or Low ( ) Values

You tell us whether you’re interested in High or Low values for every attribute you select. In some cases, you may want the highest priced product, the product with the lowest Calories, or the highest Warranty or most Miles Per Gallon. You tell us, and we use it in the calculations .

Importance ( )

Finally you tell us how important each attribute is in relation to the others. On a scale from 1 – 10, you tell us if price is more important than warranty, or if Low Calories is more important than Protein or Total Fat. Again, let us know and we’ll use it in our calculations.